Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chef Haller Magee Satterfield's

Chef Haller Magee Satterfield's
Chef Haller Magee and his culinary work shot for B Metro Magazine.  From what I understand he discovered his love for cooking while playing hooky from school. Well having tasted the Foie gras and the other dishes below I for one am glad he skipped classes to develop some cooking skills.  Here are some yummy dishes below.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Space 111

Space One Eleven
 I wrote a story on Space One Eleven for B Metro this month.  Below is the series of photos that I took of the teachers and founders. It is a very worth while organization and the work they do with kids is worthy of recognition and funding.  If you need a mural done in your business or home  give these folks a call, and keep an eye out for the Art shows.  They are great people every moment my son has free he wants to hang out there and make Art. They have a magical way of inspiring kids to think and create .  They do good work for this city.  To read my article about them click here.
Rob Clifton
Margot Wade
Gil Weingarten
Peter Prinz and Anne Arrasmith
Blake Showers